Advertising In Search Engines

Pay Per Click advertising strategy and management
This is PPC campaign management from scratch. We offer PPC campaigns and target strategies. Increase your website traffic, website conversions and revenue. contact us now and see positive results quickly.

Our PPC process

 Keyword analysis – Competition analysis – Bid strategy – Placement strategy – Conversion tracking – Daily adjustments

The benefits of hiring an online marketing agency for PPC

Save time and money Better results

A good SEA specialist not only understands the short-term goals of the customer, but also anticipates the long-term goals they want to achieve. It’s not just about the success of one campaign, it’s also about the success of the overall advertising strategy. The online marketing agency helps you to increase your revenue and income stream, but the most important thing you can gain is a deeper understanding of your target market. Consequently, an expert’s perspective on things can help you make insightful decisions about future campaigns.


We will not waste your time. We offer you honest service. From the moment you request a quote, you will know which services and tools you will receive. You also have access to your own campaign account to easily track the results of your campaign. This way you can see which campaign is doing well and which is not.

Why do you need PPC ads for your company?

Pay per click advertising or PPC advertising is one of the most efficient ways to get your brand or message in the limelight. In PPC ads, you don’t have to search for a target audience – the target audience searches for you. Whether you want to reach new audiences or increase conversions, PPC ads can deliver the results you want, and are one of the fastest ways to grow your business. PPC ads, if done properly, can increase your revenue in the most effective and fastest way. Generally less per conversion. The ads only appear next to relevant search results on search engines. Most importantly, you only pay per click, not per ad display. Apart from the balance between costs and income, you also see the result very quickly. You will get an increase in traffic in the first week of your PPC campaign. That’s why PPC ads are the go-to strategy for rapid growth.


Every PPC campaign must match your goals and strategies. We take into account every element of your campaign.

Mutual success

We have the mutual desire for success. As an online marketing agency, we can help you gather competitor information, keyword analysis and selection, market research and analysis, campaign development, campaign monitoring, etc. Creating PPC ads is not something you make once and then it’s done. No, it needs to be adjusted and updated. We ensure that all your PPC campaigns are executed seamlessly at every step.

You reach the right target group

PPC ads are very specific to your goal. You can easily refine your target audience. There is demographic targeting that allows you to filter audiences based on age, gender, location or even the type of device they use. With market targeting, you can reach audiences who have bought your products or have shown interest in your website and / or your products.

However, remarketing or retargeting campaigns can be used to reach people who have previously visited your website.

What makes PPC campaigns more beneficial is that many of these targeting options perform best in the search network. PPC ads will only appear on search engine search results pages (SERPS) once user searches activate the ad’s targeted keyword. This means that even if the users match your demographic audience profile, the ads will not run unless they search for the keywords and content keywords you’ve targeted.

Conversion is easier!
Each click is a potential conversion at the purchasing level of your sales funnel. The purchase intention is usually high with PPC visitors. More than half of the PPC visitors actually buy a product. In general, PPC ads have higher conversion rates. The average success rate in the Google Ads search network is 2.70%. Ads also account for more than half of the clicks on the first page of SERPs. Another advantage of PPC ads is that it redirects visitors to landing pages that serve as ad destinations. These ad destinations allow visitors to continue with the buying process or other conversion goal such as lead generation.